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The Mossberg FLEX 500 - The Perfect Solution

The Mossberg FLEX 500 - The Perfect Solution

Sadly, home defense is a reality. And while the debate ensues as to whether handguns or shotguns are better options for home defense, I am going out on a limb to opine that the Mossberg FLEX 500 is a superior product for women. I am drawn to this shotgun as the Mossberg 500 is a tried and true hunting shotgun.

With the FLEX technology, this shotgun can easily be transformed into a home defense option, which I personally prefer over a handgun.Mossberg FLEX 500 Turkey/Security Combo - The Perfect Solution | Mossberg

I have had this particular shotgun in my possession for a year now. I have hunted both waterfowl and turkeys with it and have had great success in the field with it. I am not typically a huge fan of pump-action shotguns, but the Mossberg 500 is lightweight as the 12-gauge weighs in around 7 pounds. It has smooth firing and a top-mounted safety for ambidextrous shooters. It has everything you need for a great bird gun. I feel very comfortable recommending this shotgun to female shooters.

But wait. There is now more. The new FLEX technology that Mossberg has added to the Mossberg 500 is a home run. Essentially, in a few easy steps, the FLEX kit transforms your Mossberg 500 hunting shotgun into a home defense shotgun complete with pistol grip and shortened barrel. Supergenius. I am a huge fan of efficiency and multi-functionality.

How does it work?

It is quite simple. Like anything, it takes some practice to become fluid, but after working with it a bit I can make the conversion in roughly one minute. The FLEX System is straightforward to figure out. It takes some maneuvering to become fluid, but as mentioned above a little practice goes a long way. Mossberg FLEX 500 Turkey/Security Combo - The Perfect Solution | Mossberg

  1. Remove forearm. This is as simple as pushing a release and sliding the forearm up the barrel.
  2. Remove the long barrel.
  3. Insert 18-inch short barrel.
  4. Attach new forearm and lock in place.
Remove buttstock. There is a locking device that must be opened and turned to 90 degrees before removing the buttstock.
Attach pistol grip and lock in place. Return locking device to the locked position.

Voila! Done!

Why use a shotgun for home defense?

This commentary is based on my own opinion. I feel that shotguns are a fantastic option for women.

  1. Given that shot spreads out, a defender has a higher likelihood of hitting an assailant when shooting under duress. Even if you essentially miss, you are likely to still hit part of your target.
  2. Pistols can jam. Pump actions are pretty simple: pump, shoot… repeat!
  3. Let’s face it. If you are on the business end of a shotgun and you hear around get chambered you are most likely going to be inclined to retreat.

Another great benefit of the FLEX System is that it can be used on all Mossberg 500 pump action shotguns, so check out all the choices out there!

Flex-System-InfoGraphic-Chart | Mossberg

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