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New For 2017: Mossberg International SA-28

New For 2017: Mossberg International SA-28

Help us welcome the newest Mossberg International semi-automatic series: the SA-28. This gas-operated, small bore autoloader provides a low-recoiling, lighter weight option without sacrificing performance in the field.

A classic field gun ideal for wingshooting and clays, the SA-28 has a five-round total capacity (2.75-inch, 4+1) and is housed in a gloss-finished walnut stock with laser-cut checkering on the forend and grip. The 26-inch, vent-rib barrel has a front bead sight and features an interchangeable choke tube system - complimentary with your purchase is a Sport Set of choke tubes (Full, Improved Modified, Modified, Improved Cylinder, and Cylinder) for greater versatility.

The smaller bore shotgun makes for an enjoyable day in the field and is an excellent choice for introducing someone to the shooting sports. The low-recoil, easy-handling, and lightweight makes this newcomer to the Mossberg Int'l family a welcome addition.

Mossberg Int'l SA-28

755 Mossberg Int'l SA-28 (#75792; MSRP: $654)


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