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The Mossberg Collection of Turkey Guns for Spring

The Mossberg Collection of Turkey Guns for Spring

There was a time when just about any old shotgun could be found over the shoulder of a turkey hunter in the spring. Back in the day, a hunter’s favorite waterfowl gun pulled double duty as a turkey gun in the spring. However, times have changed.

In the last decade, shotguns built specifically for turkey hunting have become standard equipment among leading firearm manufacturers. Here’s a closer look at the Mossberg collection of turkey guns for spring.

940 Pro Turkey Holosun Combo

One of the newest turkey guns in the Mossberg lineup is the 940 Pro Turkey Holosun Combo. This full-featured, dedicated turkey shotgun is designed for the hardcore hunter and is ready to take afield with its premium features, finishes, and full-camo coverage. 

This gun features a Holosun HS407K micro dot sight that is mounted directly into the patent-pending optic cut on the receiver. This open reflex sight has a 6 MOA Dot reticle; 12 brightness levels; unlimited eye relief; convenient battery tray; Shake Awake feature; and up to 50,000 hours battery life. And to enhance concealment, the sight features an olive drab green finish. Adding to the concealment is the popular, vintage Mossy Oak® Greenleaf™ pattern.  

Other features include a compact 18.5" barrel with HIVIZ® CompSight® front fiber optic sight, X-Factor XX-Full Extended Choke Tube, and self-draining stock that is user-configurable for length-of-pull (13-14.25"), drop, and cast. MSRP - $1,406

85169_940 Pro OR Turkey_18.5in_Holosun


500 Turkey Holosun Combo

Thanks to the rise of TSS ammunition, sub-gauge shotguns like the .410 are now available for the turkey hunter. In fact, more turkey hunters are packing a .410 to the woods these days than ever before.

The .410 combined with TSS loads are easily handling turkeys at 40 yards. It’s light and minimal on recoil, yet packs a nasty punch to any gobbler standing downrange.

The Mossberg 500 Turkey .410 is chambered to 3” and has a 20” vent rib barrel with an X-Full Extended turkey choke. It’s dressed in the popular Mossy Oak® Greenleaf™ camo and weighs only 6.25 pounds. Completing this combo is a Holosun HS407K micro dot sight in olive green that is mounted directly into the patent-pending optic cut on the receiver. This combo is also available in 20 Gauge. MSRP - $844

50133_500 410 OR Tky_20in_Holosun Combo

835 Turkey Holosun combo

Now ready to take afield, the 835 Ulti-Mag® Turkey pump-action shotgun comes in a convenient combo package, topped with an olive green Holosun HS407K micro dot sight. 

This full-featured 12 Gauge is chambered for 3.5" shells and features a 20" overbored barrel for uniform, dense patterns. It's threaded for use with Accu-Mag Choke Tubes and includes an extended Ulti-Full choke tube. The Mossy Oak® Greenleaf™ pattern offers silhouette concealment with its blend of dirt, bar, moss, and oak sapling elements. MSRP - $895

62230_835_OR Tky_Holosun Combo_20in

Silver Reserve Turkey

Mossberg International has added three Silver Reserve Eventide Turkey over-and-under shotguns in 12 gauge (3.5"), 20 gauge and 28 gauge (3"); all with compact 20" barrels and full camo-coverage with Mossy Oak® Greenleaf™. Known for delivering hard-hitting 12 gauge and soft-shooting small gauge pump-actions and autoloaders for the turkey-hunting market, these durable break-actions round out Mossberg’s impressive line-up. 

The Silver Reserve Turkey O/U shotguns have durable, camo synthetic stocks and forends; 14" length-of-pull; complementing camo metal finish; 20" vent rib barrel topped with a front fiber optic sight; and dual-locking lugs. Other standard features include shell extractors; extended choke tubes; Mossberg® logo engraved on the receiver; and tang-mounted safety and barrel selector. Bores and chambers are chrome-lined for corrosion resistance. These over-and-unders weigh about 6.5 pounds, making them a great light-weight option for the field. MSRP - $927

75486_Silver Reserve Eventide_Tky_20GA 20in_Greenleaf

SA-28 Tactical Turkey 

The SA-Series of sub-gauge autoloaders are easy-to carry, quick-swinging and reliable; and turkeys don’t stand a chance with their performance in the field.

Looking for a low-recoiling option, this SA-28 in 28 Gauge features a pistol grip-style stock with 12.75" length-of-pull with Mossy Oak® Greenleaf™ camo coverage on the stock, forend, receiver, and barrel. Fiber optic front sight and adjustable Ghost Ring rear sight top the 22" barrel. Rounding out this offering is an Extended Turkey choke tube; top-mounted rail; and sling swivel studs. Also available in 20 Gauge, these SA Turkey shotguns weigh only about 6 pounds. MSRP - $902

75802_SA28 TKY PGRIP_Greenleaf

500 Super Bantam Turkey Holosun Combo

Looking for the versatility of an adjustable length-of-pull stock (LOP)? This 500 Super Bantam utilizes a 1" spacer to extend the LOP from 12 to 13 inches for a proper fit for a variety of users. This is a great option for smaller statured shooters and women.

Chambered in 20 gauge (3"), this handy pump-action features Mossy Oak® Greenleaf™ full camo covereage, a 20" vent rib AccuChoke-compatible barrel and includes an Extended X-Full choke tube. The Holosun HS407K micro dot sight comes mounted to the optic cut receiver completing the combo package. MSRP - $902

54684_500 SuperBantam OR Tky_20in_Holosun

Give the guns above a look when you find yourself shopping for a new turkey gun for your spring hunts. The Mossberg collection has a gun for every hunter, regardless of size, age, and stature. With their killer camo finish, these guns look sharp, but you’ll also find plenty of performance to boot. Be sure to check them out.