Vote & Be Heard in November!

Vote & Be Heard in November!

On November 3rd we head to the polls to cast our votes in the United States Presidential election, along with several US Senate and state elections.

If you are eligible to vote and have not already registered, we strongly encourage you to register to vote –in some states the time is running out to do so. Then on November 3rd, we urge everyone to exercise your right as a U.S. citizen and vote.

Do not take your right to vote for granted, nor the impact one vote can have on the outcome.  History is filled with narrow victories and narrow losses.  Governors have been elected with margins as narrow as 0.1% and Presidents as narrow as 0.05%.

Please be sure to understand the position of the candidates and make an informed vote.  Informed voters make better decisions for their futures as well as the futures of their families.

Your Second Amendment rights could be addressed by the lawmakers we elect in November; your vote will help set the path for our great nation for years to come.

Learn about registration deadlines in your state, know your polling options and locations, and for more information about the candidates who support our Second Amendment, visit NSSF Gunvote.