Shotgun Patterning for Home Defense

Shotgun Patterning for Home Defense

We often hear, “The great thing about a shotgun for home defense is that you don’t need to aim or practice with them. Just point and shoot, you can’t miss!” But as you’ll soon see, that simply isn’t the case.

The decision to add a firearm to your home security plan should not be taken lightly. Training, familiarity, gun handling skills, marksmanship, and your personal and family situation can each play our role in determining the best choices.

There are many options for safe storage that ensure your firearms are available when needed most but kept safely secured from unauthorized users. To learn more about safe storage options, visit Project ChildSafe.

Watch as Clint Smith, President and Training Director of Thunder Ranch, takes on the role of myth buster in a video that explores what a buckshot pattern looks like at common in-the-home distances. He also demonstrates an easy drill that you can replicate to review shotgun patterning at different distances.

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Clint Smith

Clint is a Marine Corps veteran, former SWAT team member, and current President and Director of the world-renowned Thunder Ranch training facility in Lakeview, Oregon.
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