Shotgun Patterning for Home Defense

Watch as Clint Smith, President and Training Director of Thunder Ranch takes on the role of myth buster in a video that explores shotgun patterning at common in-the-home distances.

1 minute read

How to Use Ballistic Data Cards

Knowing what each of the variables that affect your bullet's path is and how they may make a difference to your bullet’s trajectory are an important part of successfully shooting at longer ranges.

4 minute read

So, You Want to Run Your Gun?

There are lots of people that can shoot their guns, but shooting is only a piece of the tactical puzzle. To manipulate or "run your gun" is what separates pros from posers.

3 minute read

The 590A1: "The Mighty 590"

I want to tell you about the first time I used the 590A1 in combat because it’s something that sticks with you, if you know what I mean.

3 minute read

Please Sir, Can I Have Some MOA

Army Ranger, Sniper Team Leader, and Long Range Shooting Instructor Ryan Cleckner covers everything you’ll need to know about Minute of Angle.

2 minute read

When Things go Bump in the Night...

What should you do when you hear a bump in the night? At 2 am, your wife shouldn’t be asking, “Did you hear that?” If she did, you need to be ready to react.

1 minute read