New Zealand Stag Hunt – The Hunt!

Lake Hawea is surreal. This gorgeous body of water is surrounded by mountains and hills. What’s even better than looking at this scene in the morning? Hunting it!

4 minute read

Check the Crop

Discover how examining a bird's crop can revolutionize your hunting strategy by revealing important insights into feeding patterns.

2 minute read

Setting Dual Purpose Stands

Brett is in New Hampshire preparing for the upcoming deer season. He takes some time to give us a tip on setting dual-purpose stands for bows and guns.

1 minute read

Summertime Chores for Deer Season

For some deer hunters, the season will kick off in less than 90 days. So here's a look at the summertime chores for deer season that you need to tackle.

3 minute read

New Zealand Stag Hunt - The Adventure

I typically prefer to use my own firearms when hunting, but I felt perfectly comfortable utilizing one of the Glen Dene rifles but wanted to really familiarize myself with the gun.

2 minute read

Hog Hunting at Night

Wild hogs have been exposed to hunter pressure for several months, and being the highly intelligent animals they are, they prefer to feed at night when they have the woods to themselves.  

7 minute read