Opening Day Turkey

Discover the excitement of opening day turkey hunting in this thrilling blog post. Follow along as the author shares their experience, tactics, and success in bagging a beautiful gobbler.

3 minute read

Turkey Vocalizations for Novices

Explore turkey calling with our complete guide. Master gobbling, clucking, purring, yelping, and putting sounds to attract turkeys successfully.

2 minute read

New Zealand Stag Hunt – The Hunt!

Lake Hawea is surreal. This gorgeous body of water is surrounded by mountains and hills. What’s even better than looking at this scene in the morning? Hunting it!

4 minute read

Check the Crop

Discover how examining a bird's crop can revolutionize your hunting strategy by revealing important insights into feeding patterns.

2 minute read

Setting Dual Purpose Stands

Brett is in New Hampshire preparing for the upcoming deer season. He takes some time to give us a tip on setting dual-purpose stands for bows and guns.

1 minute read

Summertime Chores for Deer Season

For some deer hunters, the season will kick off in less than 90 days. So here's a look at the summertime chores for deer season that you need to tackle.

3 minute read

New Zealand Stag Hunt - The Adventure

I typically prefer to use my own firearms when hunting, but I felt perfectly comfortable utilizing one of the Glen Dene rifles but wanted to really familiarize myself with the gun.

2 minute read