Shooting and Hearing Loss

While I may use hearing protection at the range or sighting in my rifle, I am very inconsistent when using protection out in the field and lately, I've noticed my hearing not being quite what it used to be.

2 minute read

Deer Habitat Improvements You Should Make

Are you looking to make some habitat improvements on the properties you hunt this year? There are a number of chores that’ll benefit the property you’re hunting, but below we’ll shine light on a handful.

2 minute read

How to Take a Soil Sample for Food Plots

Food plots for deer hunting continue to be a growing trend for hunters across the country each season. But many hunters fail to take a soil sample prior to planting their food plots.

2 minute read

Optimal Glassing Techniques

If you don’t practice good glassing techniques, that glass doesn’t really mean a lot. Here are a few down and dirty tips to maximize your efforts.

2 minute read

Turkey Calls: Pros & Cons

There are great options out there that, with practice, can all help call in that Tom. Here are the pros and cons of five of our favorite turkey calls.

3 minute read