Goose Hunting Opening Day

We are back! We hit a field to kick off our 2023 Waterfowl Collective series with some New York goose hunting on opening day!

1 minute read

Shooting With A Red Dot Optic

Explore the transition from iron sights to red dot optics on handguns with Fred Mastison as we dive into the growing trend of pre-cut red dot optic pistols.

2 minute read

Turkey Hunting In the Evening

Jon and Jake scout a new farm and locate birds. After striking one, they scout again before attempting to catch it heading back to roost.

1 minute read

Maine Turkey Hunting: June Gobbler!

The boys at Just Hunt Club end the season sharing camp in Maine for Jon's birthday. They have a few awesome June turkey hunts to wrap up an amazing spring!

1 minute read

Hunting Turkeys in Hot Weather

Brett and Cody head down to Pennsylvania. The weather is hot and the birds aren't very vocal, but the guys are able to make it happen once again.

1 minute read