A Gobbler's Greatest Response

Learn the key to successful turkey hunting beyond just calling with Jason Cruise. Uncover the ultimate response a tom can offer and the Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag's role in the hunt.

1 minute read

The 940 Pro Turkey. A Closer Look.

Discover the features of Mossberg's 940 Pro Turkey shotgun in this detailed review. Ensure your turkey hunting game is on point with this top-notch firearm.

1 minute read

What to do When he Gobbles Up Close

Discover expert advice on handling close encounters with gobblers by Jason Cruise. Get tips on what to do and how to navigate challenging situations in the field.

2 minute read

Fast and Furious Hunt For a Gobbler

Join Jon and Jake on a thrilling turkey hunting adventure in the Northeast as they tackle challenging terrain and public lands to bag a gobbler. Just Hunt Club showcases effective tactics for success in this exciting pursuit.

1 minute read

Turkey Hunting: Mastering the Set Up

Turkey hunting success hinges on the setup. Small details yield significant results when approached thoughtfully. Even the finest turkey calling is futile if you're positioned where the Tom won't venture.

1 minute read

Two Timber Gobblers

We have two exciting hunts in the timber. Alyssa tags her first turkey and Jon and Ethan have an exciting hunt in the timber with the SA-20!

1 minute read

Making Moves on a Big Gobbler

The boys go out for opening day but their hunt is interrupted by another hunter. They hit the road, spot a lone Tom, make a move, and finally bag the big gobbler!

1 minute read