First Migrators of the Year

September season is winding down and the migrators are starting to push. We head out and have a heck of a hunt on the first migrators of the year!

1 minute read

.350 Legend vs. .450 Bushmaster

Brett goes over the pros and cons of the .350 Legend and the .450 Bushmaster to help you decide which one is best for your hunting style!

4 minute read

Goose Season Opener

We are back at it for New York's early goose season. We kick off the opener with an awesome shoot with good dogs and good buddies!

1 minute read

Turkey Hunting in Massachusetts

The boys kick off the New England leg of turkey season hunting in Massachusetts. Cody has a great hunt and gets in the middle of a bunch of birds.

1 minute read

Public Land Gobbler

The guys are still at it in Virginia. They work a henned-up gobbler for a while but he doesn't want to commit.

1 minute read

Late-Season New York Gobbler

The boys head up to the Adirondack mountains in New York. They're determined to try and track down some late-season gobblers.

1 minute read

Virginia Longbeard Down

Cody and Jake head south to reach Virginia on Opening Day. Their first morning got off to a great start despite the weather.

1 minute read

First Mississippi Longbeard

In search of a change of scenery and some gobbling birds, the boys head down to Mississippi. The first thing that morning they hear the birds fire up.

1 minute read