Bird Hunting Ammo: A Quick Guide

One shotgun can be used on any bird… as long as the correct ammunition is selected. And while I am in no way an expert- I have found a quick down and dirty guide for bird hunting shotgun loads.

3 minute read

Pre-Season Prep for Deer Hunters

Hunters that commit to planning and preparation beyond the hunting season are the ones that usually end up with notched tags season after season.

5 minute read

How to Handle High Pressure Turkeys

The 2018 spring turkey season will go down as the toughest turkey season yet for a lot of hunters across the country. Here’s a look at how I did just that this season as I hit the woods with my Mossberg turkey gun in tow.

4 minute read

Six Reasons to Hunt Aoudad in Your Lifetime

Aoudad, also known as Barbary Sheep, reside in rugged desert-like regions of Texas and South West United States. Since 1963, the Aoudad population in Texas alone has increased 1800%; making Aoudad hunting lucrative for hunters.

4 minute read

Prepping for a Hunt: Essentials

Getting ready for a Texas Aoudad hunt is a bit time consuming but fully worth the effort. I have sadly learned the hard way that a little bit of preparation for a hunt can save a lot of time, money and effort!

6 minute read

Women's Pheasant Hunt: South Dakota

I am often asked, “What sets women’s hunts apart from other hunts.” My answer was, “Everything”. In 6 years of doing ladies-only hunts, I have yet to see any woman miss ANY opportunity to get out there.

4 minute read

His Ruggedness: Jason Cruise

This week on the Mossberg Blog, we wanted to take you behind the scenes to meet one of our team’s most prolific writers and videographers, Jason Cruise.

3 minute read