Coyote Calling for Fall Hunting

Coyote calling in the fall may be one of the most overlooked options of the year. This month, we’ll take a look at some coyote calling tips for hunting the Fall season.

3 minute read

The Ultimate Hunting Survival Kit

Hunting Survival Kit- How to build a small survival kit that is way more effective than a first aid kit on any hunt. Survival kit breeds confidence.

4 minute read

Hunting Spring Snow Goose

See what it's like to chase the spring snow goose migration, and discover the keys to outsmarting, killing-- and cooking-- the "white devil."

1 minute read

Bat Mann in Africa

Last year, Richard Mann's son, Bat, hunted for the first time in Africa with his dad using one of our first Mossberg Patriot rifles. His first shot of that safari was at a warthog, but he missed.

1 minute read

Time for Africa

African safaris can be a blue collar hunting paradise with some judicious saving and savvy shopping.

2 minute read