Tactical Tip: Shotgun Stance

Tactical Tip: Shotgun Stance

Stance with a shotgun may start with the feet, but when done properly, it involves the entire body up to and including a firm cheek-weld.  Watch as Jeremy Stafford shares his preferred tactical shotgun stance, and how he uses it to maximize maneuverability and maintain complete control of his Mossberg 590.

We encourage all gun owners to get formal hands-on training with their personal firearms, and get out to a range often for continued practice and drills.


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Jeremy Stafford

Jeremy Stafford spent over 13 years in the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve, receiving the Bronze Star with Valor device for combat operations in Iraq. Today he is a full-time sworn Police Officer and currently assigned to the Police Academy, where he develops and updates lesson plans and program curricula. Jeremy is also a regular contributor to various firearms publications and websites, including Guns & Ammo.
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