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Why You Need to Organize a Ladies-Only Hunting Trip

Why You Need to Organize a Ladies-Only Hunting Trip

Female hunter-only whitetail hunts: one of my favorite trips of the year! Each year, we make the annual pilgrimage to Double B Outfitters for our ladies-only whitetail hunts. These hunts typically start like this...

Me: “I have six spots for the annual Prois/Double B whitetail hunt. Is anyone interested?”
Friends: “I’m IN!”

Me: “Do you want any specifics before you commit?”

Friends: “Nope!”

And just like that, the hunts fill within a few hours. This crazy group of ladies may vary a bit from year to year, but the results are always the same: great hunting, great camaraderie, and stories that can never be repeated. Ever.

We started doing ladies-only hunting trips five years ago after I realized whenever I would attend a hunt without my husband in a mixed group, it was just rather uncomfortable for everyone involved. In all honesty, it can be awkward being the only woman/women hunter in a group of men.

While most men are happy to have a woman in camp, there will always be one who makes it very uncomfortable. Additionally, the men often book their hunts assuming women will not be present, and whether it's right or wrong, that can make them uncomfortable and myself, in turn, uncomfortable. Thus we started arranging our hunts. We had no idea how life-changing this decision would be.

We immediately found that our ladies-only hunting trips brought together like-minded female hunters who shared similar passions. We found the environment to be fun, supportive, and inspiring. Women who have never hunted before have even come on these hunts and have left in tears because they finally “found their tribe."

We arrange 2-3 hunts annually and typically announce them on our social media sites and regular contacts. We find the hunts typically fill within a week or so. We have done varying offerings including hog hunts, turkey hunts, whitetail hunts, caribou hunts, and alligator hunts, and we're so excited to expand our ladies-only hunts over the next year.

This year marked our third annual whitetail hunt. We converged on an outlying ranch outside of Amarillo, Texas. Seven wild women with the common goal of harvesting quality management bucks which are abundant at the Double B.

Luckily, the guides of the Double B are very familiar with the Prois ladies…and I use that term loosely. As we all arrived, the air was filled with cackling, crude jokes, and hugs. And just a disclaimer- when it comes to “your mom jokes,” your mom is not YOUR mom, just a metaphorical mom. We have such a great comfort level not only with each other but also with the crew at Double B - we're essentially family.

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