The Mossberg 500 ATI Tactical

There’s a new take on the venerable pump-action shotgun hitting the tactical firearms market – the Mossberg 500 ATI Tactical. Sleek-looking and multi-functional, this shotgun marries Mossberg’s legendary 500 pump-action shotgun with an ATI T2 TactLite® 6-Position Adjustable Stock.

The new Mossberg ATI Tactical multi-purpose shotgun is all about form meeting function. The legendary 500 pump-action platform is designed for smooth, reliable operation and features non-binding twin action bars; positive steel-to-steel lock-up; an anti-jam elevator; and dual extractors. Its lightweight, anodized aluminum receiver provides for added durability and better balance. And for ease of operation, the 500 ATI Tactical has Mossberg’s universally-recognized, ambidextrous top-mounted safety.

500 - ATI Scorpion #50424

The ATI Halo Heatshield is a free-floating design with front/rear blocks and silicone pads that provide for no metal-to-metal contact with the barrel. The heatshield is constructed of high-strength steel and finished with a matte black powder coating. A front dovetail rail attachment comes with two 2-inch rails for the convenience of adding accessories and a shield-mounted, front post sight provides for quick target acquisition.

Completing the accessory package is the ATI Halo Side Saddle, which is mounted directly to the tapped receiver on the Mossberg 500. The saddle is constructed of durable anodized aluminum and comes with three Add-A-Shell® units that mount to any of nine possible positions. Each Add-A-Shell unit can be flipped 180 degrees for user-preference of brass up or brass down orientation. A convenient, removable top rail provides for ease of adding optics or mounting systems.

This full-featured, specialty shotgun is a TALO Exclusive, available through TALO Group Distributors only.  Visit your local dealer for more information.