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Mouth Call Maintenance During Turkey Season

Mouth Call Maintenance During Turkey Season

Trent gives us a few pointers on keeping your mouth calls sounding great throughout turkey season.



Trent Snyder from Cartel Custom Calls here. Just wanted to give you a little tip on mouth-call maintenance. We get this question a lot.

Typically what I do is you use your call for the day, whichever diaphragm you like, and at the end of that day, do not leave the call on the dash of your truck. Don't leave it in the sun.

Our calls come with an aluminum tin. I put them in that tin, let them air out. After that, we use these soft little picks that you buy at Walmart or any convenience store, and put those gently in between those reeds to keep them split apart and let them dry in there.

The next day, you just gently pull those picks out of there, put the mouth call back in your mouth, get it moist, call on it again. You're ready to go. Gonna hunt for the day.

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