The Perfect Shotgun For Women

The Perfect Shotgun For Women

If you find yourself in the market for a new over/under shotgun, the Silver Reserve Field Combo 12/20 gauge is a perfect option for women. I have used this shotgun for three years and am constantly impressed with it. Not only does it have that traditional elegance, but it is also packed with function.  



What I love best about this shotgun is the fact that you can convert it from a 12 gauge to a 20 gauge by simply changing out the barrels. When I initially got this gun, I was looking for a 12 gauge and have used it for waterfowl, upland, and high country bird hunting. It has functioned great, but this year I went ahead and converted it to a 20 gauge for some lighter shooting in the field. It is amazing to have a shotgun that can offer this versatility. I prefer a 20 gauge if I'm pursuing smaller birds or doing a lot of shooting. I feel this shotgun is a perfect option for women as the conversion option maximizes the use for almost any sort of bird hunting.

12 GAUGE  

When functioning as a 12 gauge, the Silver Reserve weights 7.5 lbs and has a 28” barrel.  It is easy to carry  and comfortable to shoulder and shoot.  I found it to perform well with turkeys, geese and ducks.  It does indeed have a slight advantage over the 20 in terms of distance of shot, but it does have a bit more recoil than the 20 gauge.  

20 GAUGE  

Breaking the Silver Reserve down to a 20 gauge dropped the carry weight to 7 lbs and shortened the barrel by 2 inches.  I found I could do a lot more shooting without feeling it in my shoulder.  I recently took it on a 2 day pheasant hunt and it was delightful to shoot.  The shortened barrel also fits better in my scabbard if I'm packing it into the high country on horseback.  Where the 20 gauge may lack in terms of overall distance of shot, it makes up for in weight and overall comfort.  


Converting the barrels is a very simple process. Simply disengage the affixed barrel and snap the new one in place!


I have always been drawn to the traditionally elegant shotguns for the field. I’m a sucker for a pretty gun, and this is a very pretty shotgun. The stock is fashioned from black walnut and has a beautiful look and feel to it. The silver receiver has elegant scroll engraving which gives it a very appealing look.

As mentioned, I have used this shotgun for nearly every type of bird hunting and have taken it through almost every type of terrain. It remains my go-to shotgun and is a pleasure to shoot. It is, in my opinion, the perfect shotgun for women looking for tons of function.  

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