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A Dog Crate And Wisdom: Traveling With Your Hunting Dog

A Dog Crate And Wisdom: Traveling With Your Hunting Dog

A dog crate seems easy enough when it comes to traveling with your hunting retriever. After all, how much science and forethought is really necessary to find the best dog kennel?

Think about this: what if you have a wreck on the way to the hunt?

Does thinking through how you travel with your dog to a hunt matter then? It does.

Do you know if your dog crate is going to make hold up in the crash? Is your dog kennel or the dog itself going to come flying through your back window? Is your hunting retriever going to survive the crash?

If you are a hunter who loves to hunt with dogs, then it’s blatantly obvious that you love your dog. You’ve spent a ton of money on that dog. Would it not make sense to think through some travel-related wisdom before you head out on your next hunt?


With every hunting retriever I’ve ever owned, I confess that I never thought that much about what kind of dog crate or dog kennel I purchased. Like most duck hunters, I let price be the main determinant.

What I wasn’t thinking about was the safety and longevity of my duck dog. No one ever gave me insights on how to travel with a hunting retriever.


Use the dog crate to your advantage. Make it home for your hunting retriever. That way, when you travel, your dog has a home away from home no matter what.

In this video, you’re going to encounter several game-changing insights to traveling with a dog crate that will ensure the longevity of your hunting retriever.

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