Posts by Jason Cruise:

Posts by Jason Cruise:

Turkey Hunting: Mastering the Set Up

Turkey hunting success hinges on the setup. Small details yield significant results when approached thoughtfully. Even the finest turkey calling is futile if you're positioned where the Tom won't venture.

1 minute read

Duck Feed Calling With Motion

Feed calling is not a terribly difficult duck call to master. This duck calling tip covers an often overlooked area in how to call ducks.

1 minute read

Disrupted Turkey Hunts

Join Jason Cruise as he shares valuable insights on bird hunting. From patience to using calls effectively, this content is a must-watch for all hunters.

2 minute read

His Ruggedness: Jason Cruise

This week on the Mossberg Blog, we wanted to take you behind the scenes to meet one of our team’s most prolific writers and videographers, Jason Cruise.

3 minute read