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Food Plots: How To Get Started And Plant Successfully

Food Plots: How To Get Started And Plant Successfully

More attention has been given to how to plant food plots in the last 10 years than perhaps ever before in the hunting community. However, there's not a ton of video content on how to get started planting food plots. That's what I noticed when I started planting food plots for ducks.

Sure, there are tips and strategies out there, but there was no one-stop shop where I could most of what I needed to know in terms of a proper foundation on how to plant plots and yet not break my bank account.

Most hunters are not farmers. Most hunters are not agronomists. Most hunters are just that: hunters.

We are people who'd like to see more wildlife on their hunting properties, yet many hunters aren't exactly sure of what they will need to create plots that work and work well. And that was my goal when I started this series, to create a multi-faceted series of videos that helps any hunter plant plots, do it better, and save as much money as possible.

This is the first segment in a series on how to get started with the necessary equipment and budget plans that make you successful.

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If you want to go down the road of planting food plots be advised that you can spend a lot of money and get nothing out of the ground.

This video contains some great information that I've learned the hard, hard way.

Yes, it's about how to plant food plots for ducks, however, if you are looking to plant plots for deer, the principles are here and you'll need them.

And if you like it or if it helps you, would you do us a favor and share it with your hunting buddies?

If it helped you, it could help someone else, too.

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