How to Pick a Scope Power

How to Pick a Scope Power

Ross gives some tips and goes over the scope powers he is running on his Mossberg Patriot rifles.



All right, guys just wanted to take a minute quick to chat about the optic setups I run on my rifles. Currently, they're both set up very similarly. 

Personally, I like that just for going back and forth between the two rifles. They both feel the same. Both have the same setup optic-wise so I know what I'm looking at when I get on the gun.

This is a 4 to 16 power with the 44-millimeter objective on my 6.5 Creedmoor and I have a 3.5 to 15 with the same 44-millimeter objective on my 6.5 PRC. I like the ability to back the scope all the way back to three power four on the other one.

Based on the environment that we're hunting right here in the Northeast, a lot of times your shots are inside of 100, and if you're on the ground and you're tracking or still hunting or something like that, you really want a low power objective.

I think 3 personally for me is a little bit high on the low end. I would like something a little bit lower power and I'm going to wind up putting something a little bit lower on my Creedmoor, which I'm more likely to use when I'm still hunting or tracking. I don't need all the kinetic energy. I don't need to be able to reach out there and touch them nearly as far as I would. However, I still want an optic on that rifle.

Rather than using iron sights on my rifle—it's just not something I'm comfortable with—and if I can have a scope, why not? Gives me that little bit of advantage in case I do have to reach out across a cut, maybe 100, 150 yards.

I can dial that scope up a little bit and we're good to go. I do have higher magnification, up to 15, and that's more so for when we do our New York trips. Probably wind up doing a Western trip here soon.

I want to be able to see further. And also I do enjoy putting holes in paper. So being able to do that accurately with the higher power magnification allows me to really dial in, especially if I'm doing low development for a new rifle or just a new projectile in general.


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