What to do When he Gobbles Up Close

What to do When he Gobbles Up Close

When a turkey gobbles, a hunter tends to get rushed and mistakes are often the outcome. Today, Jason Cruise covers the idea of panic. Turkey hunting is often won and lost in the setup. The best turkey calling in the world won't help you if you are out of position, or if your setup is off altogether.

Here is a quick tip on how to make the most of the moment when turkey hunting becomes intense. Jason refers to a full episode on "Mastering The Setup", which you can also watch, here.



There's a video called Mastering the Setup. And let me tell you one thing that's not in that video. I want you to go to watch it, but let me tell you one thing that's in there that I have made the mistake of so many times.

When you're calling to a turkey and he answers you at 150 yards, people just go diving looking for the next tree. Man, he's not going to sprint to you. Take your time. I'm telling you, most of the hunts are blown, in my opinion, in the setup, because I've learned from my mistakes. When he gobbles at you at 150 yards. Take your time, find a good tree. Find it in the shade. Relax. Cut up. Cut some brush. You got a few minutes.

Now, here's the kicker. What happens if you call to him? And man, he's not 75 yards through the woods. In that case, sit on your hind end. Just sit down. Get your gun up. Don't move. I'm telling you, it's way better because now he's looking at you. So if you if he. Unless that happens, unless he's 75 yards out, then if he's 100-150 yards out, take your time, find a tree, relax, get set up and you're going to be better off, I guarantee it.

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