When Things go Bump in the Night...

When Things go Bump in the Night...

What should you do when you hear a bump in the night? At 2 am, your wife shouldn’t be asking, “Did you hear that?” If she did, you need to be ready to react.

What are you going to do? It’s an important question, one that you both should think about and prepare for long before you have to react.

In this video, Clint Smith, President and Training Director of Thunder Ranch, provides some excellent guidance and some suggestions that will help you prepare and plan for the dreaded bump in the night.

Clint Smith is also a Marine Corps veteran and former SWAT team member. The shotguns used in the video are part of a series of shotguns and rifles developed by Mossberg in conjunction with Clint Smith. Learn more about the Thunder Ranch Series here.

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Clint Smith

Clint is a Marine Corps veteran, former SWAT team member, and current President and Director of the world-renowned Thunder Ranch training facility in Lakeview, Oregon.
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