A Gobbler's Greatest Response

A Gobbler's Greatest Response

Every turkey hunt comes down to far more than simply attempting to call a turkey and hope he responds. Ben Rodgers Lee once said, "Turkey hunting is one-third calling, and the other two parts are knowing where to set up, and knowing how to think like a turkey."

Turkey calling matters. And you can find a ton of instructions on How To Call Turkeys. Knowing how to grow as a turkey hunter is the key to turkey hunting. In this video, Jason Cruise, host of Mossberg's Rugged American Hunter, is going to show you the greatest response a tom can offer you... and it is not the gobble!

The Gun Use: The Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag. The 835 is a legendary Mossberg firearm and today Jason uses it in combination with a micro dot optic.

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Jason Cruise

Jason Cruise is a published author and the host of Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter series.
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