Colion Noir's Definition of Value

Colion Noir's Definition of Value

The value, or lack thereof, of any given object is often measured against mainstream societal and cultural standards—ultimately influencing how value is universally perceived.

In this episode of NOIR, sponsored by Mossberg, Colion Noir delves into the true meaning of value and proves that far from a fixed designation, material, utilitarian and sentimental value are fluid constructs defined individually in the eye of the beholder.

“Me personally, I still don’t know which is my favorite gun,” explains Colion. “But I do know, and probably could tell you a lot easier, which is the most valuable to me.” To demonstrate, Colion shares some of his favorite guns and proves that emotions such as nostalgia and sentimentality can be just as important to an individual’s perception of value as more tangible characteristics like quality, cost, and functionality.

For some, a custom firearm made of one of the rarest materials on earth is no more valuable than any other firearm—for others, this unique one-of-a-kind item is a priceless and prized possession. No one is more aware of this dichotomy than Rob Bianchin, president and founder of Cabot Guns, who Colion sits down with to discuss his one-of-a-kind luxury firearms. Colion then hits the range for another edition of the NOIR team challenge, with ammo provided by Federal Premium.

He later checks in with Ja-Mes and David at the anti-gun roundtable. New episodes of NOIR air every Tuesday on NRATV. If you’ve missed any of the earlier episodes, you can watch them on-demand at NRATV—the network is available online at or through the NRATV app on Apple TV. You can also view the NRATV channel on Roku or via Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV.

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