NOIR Episode 3: Discipline

NOIR Episode 3: Discipline

Talent can bring you success, but discipline is what propels stars to greatness. In this episode of NOIR, Colion Noir goes beyond the training with athletes and competitive shooters to reveal the precision, drive and determination that keeps them at the top of their game.

First, Colion first heads to Las Vegas to check out Magnus Sports and get some range time from USPSA Grand Master, entrepreneur and Homeland Security Agent JJ Racaza, who shares how he stays disciplined when it comes to training.

“A lot of it for me is trying to eliminate conscious thought,” JJ tells Colion. “I always believe that conscious thought always impedes subconscious performance. So if I go in a range and there’s a slight thing that I have to think about or react to that’s a tenth or hundredth of a second that could hurt me in the game.”

Then, Colion sits down with professional BMX rider Morgan Wade to find out how the X-games veteran conquers the ramps and the air. To wrap up the episode, the always opinionated Ja-Mes and David give Colion their two cents at the anti-gun roundtable.

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