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Creative Duck Blind Plans: A Pit Blind Revolution

Creative Duck Blind Plans: A Pit Blind Revolution

Duck blind plans come in all shapes and sizes. I’m forever amazed at how creative waterfowl hunters can be in their pursuit of the perfect duck blind.

A few years ago I ran across two farmers on an Arkansas duck hunt that forever changed how I look at pit blinds.

When it comes to duck blind plans, I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to see. I’ve often heard that pure genius is simple. There may be a pit blind like it somewhere in the world, but I’ve never seen one.

Kirk and Heath Whitmore, a father-son commercial farming duo in the Arkansas Delta, are not only creative but they are also flat-out intelligent hunters. Some people hunt ducks, and then there are duck killers. The Whitmore men are straight duck killers, and they put together one of the most killer duck blind plans in construction that you’ll ever find.Whitmore

I refer to it as a “sled pit” because that’s basically what it is: a hybrid between a sled blind and a pit blind.

I hate hunting pit blinds. Yet, they are an evil necessity for hunting open water. The problem with the layout of most duck blind plans, when it comes to the construction of pit blinds, is that you don’t get to watch the ducks nearly as much because of the roll-top on the pit blind. This “sled pit” created by the Whitmore’s is a game-changer.

What I found interesting is that this pit blind is incredibly low-profile, yet also has impressive wind resistance. By using some ingenuity with a woven wire fence and cable ties, you can stack structure into the pit blind in such a way that every hunter is pretty much out of the wind except for your face.

Once you see it, you're going to wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?"

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