Building the Ultimate Home Defense Plan

Building the Ultimate Home Defense Plan

While we tend to focus on the firearms themselves, the first step in home defense is developing a plan for protecting your household... 

On several occasions, I’ve had the opportunity to attend defensive firearm training courses at Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona. The brainchild of Col. Jeff Cooper, Gunsite was started in the late 1980s and has served as one of the premier venues for training law enforcement and military personnel, as well as civilians, in the discipline of defensive shooting. The Gunsite training staff has an untold number of years in law enforcement and military employment and is extremely well-versed not merely in theory, but in the actual practices that have proved successful in the field. Their training staff takes firearm techniques very seriously.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned at Gunsite came after a week-long defensive shotgun course. We made the brief walk to Cooper’s residence, and what stood out about the home Cooper designed was that he took every possible step to make it as hard of a target as he possibly could, relying not simply on whatever firearm was in his hand but on a thoughtfully considered home defense plan. He’d spent considerable time thinking about how to defend it long before he’d ever had to fire a gun.

This eBook will address key issues in developing a home defense plan, selecting the right firearm for your household when to call local law enforcement, where and how to store firearms, family meetings, and basic principles of making your home a hard target.

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