Posts by Eric Conn:

Posts by Eric Conn:

7 Best Long-Range Cartridges of All Time

There’s a host of tried-and-true factory loads that are widely available, relatively affordable, and come in a variety of bullet types. From all sizes of game to competition, here’s a look at the seven best long-range cartridges of all time.

8 minute read

Four Best Small Game Rifle Hunts for Youth

As any hunter can tell you, the more fun you have in the field, the more memorable the experience becomes and the more likely you’ll be to head back for years to come. Here’s my list of four great small game rifle hunts for the youth.

7 minute read

10 Greatest Deer Hunting Cartridges

Nothing captures our affection as hunters and riflemen like a well-made deer rifle in an all-American cartridge paired with an all-American Mossberg Patriot Rifle.

6 minute read