Tips for Tight Lipped Gobblers

Tips for Tight Lipped Gobblers

Learn to bag stealthy gobblers this Spring from Cody at Just Hunt Club. These hunters are the real deal, showcasing their skills in challenging environments. You'll learn top-notch hunting tactics and experience the beauty of outdoor culture.



We've been down here in the South for a few days now. We've been hunting Alabama and Mississippi.

What we've been seeing and what everyone we've been talking to has been seeing is these birds are in a weird stage of their breeding cycle and they're very tight-lipped.

Today, our plan going into this piece was that they were going to be quiet and we'd have to either get in their bubble or just get in front of them and be in a good spot that has the right habitat that the turkeys are going to want to hang out in.

Our plan was to do a big loop all the way around, come in off the back side from where hunters typically don't come in from, and sneak through the brush.

We got into an area that we knew from past hunts had good sign in it. But you can learn this the day before the day of, too when you go in someplace and you just see a bunch of sign, especially when these birds are tight-lipped. Just go there and sit down and they may come in quiet.

We got lucky today as we were sneaking around. I made a call and we got in their bubble within 120 yards they gobble for the first time and they just broke instantly. We had to sit down fast.

That's how it can happen on days like today. You can go from not hearing a single bird to just striking them at the right time when he loses his head.

Just moving real, real, real slow through the woods. Don't rush it. Take your time. Just don't step on sticks. Go real slow. Watch more than you're walking.

It's just like still hunting deer. Just creep through the woods as slow and quiet as you can and try to know they're there before they know you're there.

Hopefully, this tip can help you guys deal with a tight-lipped gobbler.

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