Is the .20 Gauge the New Perfect Turkey Gun?

After several weeks of turkey season being in full swing, I’ve had the opportunity to take a few turkeys with a Mossberg .20 gauge pump shotgun. A gun that is quickly becoming my new favorite turkey gun.

3 minute read

MC1sc: Features and Benefits

Weighing only 22 ounces loaded, the Mossberg MC1 is lightweight and durable polymer construction, and perfect for everyday carry.

2 minute read

Top Turkey Gear for 2019

Here’s a closer look at what we found for the top turkey gear for 2019 after our trip to the 2019 NWTF Convention & Sport Show in Nashville, Tennessee.

5 minute read

Best Gear for Duck Hunters

Mossberg is here to help with a number of great gift ideas. In an effort to help relieve you of the stress from trying to buy the perfect gift, we offer a look the best gear for waterfowl hunters.

6 minute read

7 Best Long-Range Cartridges of All Time

There’s a host of tried-and-true factory loads that are widely available, relatively affordable, and come in a variety of bullet types. From all sizes of game to competition, here’s a look at the seven best long-range cartridges of all time.

8 minute read

The A,B,C’s of Shotgun Chokes

The purpose of a choke is to alter the distribution of the shot as it leaves the firearm. The various size chokes constrict the barrel thus tightening the spread of the shot. The choice of choke will determine your strategy and success.

5 minute read

Mossberg® Expands 6.5mm Creedmoor Offerings

Mossberg is now chambering fourteen of their bolt-action rifles in 6.5mm Creedmoor; widely popular with both target shooters and hunters for its flat-shooting, long-range ballistics, on-game performance, and low recoil. 

6 minute read