The A,B,C’s of Shotgun Chokes

The purpose of a choke is to alter the distribution of the shot as it leaves the firearm. The various size chokes constrict the barrel thus tightening the spread of the shot. The choice of choke will determine your strategy and success.

5 minute read

Mossberg® Expands 6.5mm Creedmoor Offerings

Mossberg is now chambering fourteen of their bolt-action rifles in 6.5mm Creedmoor; widely popular with both target shooters and hunters for its flat-shooting, long-range ballistics, on-game performance, and low recoil. 

6 minute read

Series Overview – 590M Mag-Fed

590M shotguns and magazines are uniquely designed incorporating stabilizing ribs that engage the magazine directly to the receiver for a sure lock-up.

4 minute read

10 Greatest Deer Hunting Cartridges

Nothing captures our affection as hunters and riflemen like a well-made deer rifle in an all-American cartridge paired with an all-American Mossberg Patriot Rifle.

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