First Mississippi Longbeard

In search of a change of scenery and some gobbling birds, the boys head down to Mississippi. The first thing that morning they hear the birds fire up.

1 minute read

Goose Pad Thai

This is an easy and healthy recipe that can be made with any game bird to become your new go-to. 

2 minute read

Mississippi Close Calls

The boys hit gold down in Mississippi. After Brett knocked his bird on day one, the boys headed back to the farm to prepare for the rest of the hunt.

1 minute read

Turkey Jerky Dog Treats

I love hunting, but I hate wasting any meat that is usable. The breasts and legs are definitely the prime parts of a turkey.

1 minute read

Spring Collective | Hunting Turkeys in Kentucky

Kentucky is the perfect destination for opening day turkey hunting. Although the boys started with a blast, their shot wasn't ideal and they ended up spending a good amount of time looking for their wounded gobbler.

1 minute read

Spring Collective | SA-410 Maine Double

Maine is a reliable hunting destination with a wide range of game such as whitetail deer and black bears. This time, the boys set their sights on wild turkey and they're able to tag two toms with the Mossberg SA-410.

1 minute read